We have designed our climate controlled (heated and fully airconditioned) building to have large dog suites, small dogs suites, a grooming room, separate room for our feline friends and 2 large play yards outside. Clients can have the peace of mind that our facility always has someone on the property and an emergency back up generator system so that even in our worst Ontario weather, your pets will still be safe and warm.

We offer 2 styles of over night boarding – Both styles of boarding we ask that you bring your own food (enough for their stay + a day), you are welcome to bring treats, toys and/or bedding but we can provide all of that for you. We do require written proof of up to date vaccines.

#1 – private indoor/ outdoor suites – 4x6 interior space connected to a 4x12 exterior patio space where your pet can come and go as much as they please. These pets are also exercised in our large fenced play yards 4 times a day. This exercise can be one on one with our kennel attendants. These pets do not have to be spayed/neutered and may not be overly social with all dogs. We do require that all pets be up to date in vaccines (Rabies, DHPP & Bordetella (mandatory) and we recommend Lepto and flea and tick preventative) - $45

#2 Communal living – these pets join in our full daycare program all day from 7am to 5 pm. They live and play with a group of dogs of all sizes, ages and play styles. After 5 PM they can lounge in our home style living room and they will eat and sleep in their own private pen (some owners prefer a large crate) for overnight. All pets in our communal living area MUST be spayed/neutered (age appropriate ), have NO toy possession or resources guarding AND all pets MUST pass our 4 step assessment process prior to any overnight stays. We do require that all pets be up to date in vaccines (Rabies, DHPP & Bordetella (mandatory) and we recommend Lepto and flea and tick preventative) - $45 for overnight and $10 daycare (regular price $30) - $55

Cat Boarding

Each Cat condo is designed specifically to be the most effective home away from home for our feline friends. They have their own separate room with 6 window view condos with multi-level shelves for those cats that like to climb and sit and perch in the window. All our cat clients need to be spayed/neutered, up to date with vaccines and provide their own food. We provide the litter, beds and toys.

  • We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer
  • Multiple pet discounts
  • Military and First Responder discounts
  • Extended stay discount - weekly and monthly
  • Large cat banks and double bank for multiple cats
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Small group play is always based on breed, age, size and energy level. We never have more than 5 dogs in a group play (we believe that this is the safest for all pets) and they are always supervised.

We exercise every pet in our large fenced yards 4 times a day. These times are geared with each individual pet's needs and include potty breaks and playtime whether in a group or individual to provide healthy socialization and one on one attention for your pet's stay.

We have a kiddie pool for your kids.

We close Christmas Eve at noon and re-open on the 26th at noon. We close New Years Eve at 6pm and re-open at noon on January 1st. In order to serve our regular and long-term clients, there is a 3 day minimum stay between 21 Dec and 05 Jan .

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